What You Must Do in Honolulu


Diamond Head Lookout

Do this hike EARLY. It is a popular tourist spot and parking fills up within the first 15-20min of opening. The gates open at 6am, so this would be your perfect sunrise hike to start the day off right!

The hike starts off on a dirt switchback trail. Eventually, you will meet the stairs. Take a breather before and ascend to the top of the summit. You will be rewarded with almost a full 360 views of the island. It can be pretty hot on the crater so make sure you bring enough water and sunscreen for protection.

Afterward, explore Kapahulu ave. grab that famous malasada from Leonard’s and get in line for a Kono’s breakfast because you will be hungry!

Where to find it

Diamond Head
Honolulu, HI 96815

Manoa Falls

For a quick escape from Waikiki, this is the easiest waterfall to hike to.

It is a very popular hike for visitors and the trail is well maintained. Manoa tends to be a rainy valley, therefore,  the trail can be muddy after rainfall.

Leading up to the waterfall, you’ll find yourself surrounded in the valley’s diverse jungle with so much raw beauty and a bamboo forest. About 40min-1hr you will see the 150ft falls. It is a perfect place to get your photo-ops, picnic and hang out with the family.

Where to find it

37 Manoa Rd, Honolulu, HI 96822

Kokohead Stairs

If you think you are in shape, this hike will quickly put you in check.

Known as 1,048 torturous steps, the hike is very challenging. The view from the top is stunning and rewarding. You will find yourself looking at a panoramic view of the East side of Oahu. You will definitely want to treat yourself to a Kono’s milkshakes and bomber afterward.

We only recommend to those who are up for the challenge and exercise regularly. You will be exposed to the sun the entire time so make sure you bring lots of water, sunscreen, etc. The best times to endure this adventure would be sunrise, early morning or for sunset.

Are you ready to ditch the Stairmaster at the gym?


  • From Waikiki take the Kalaianaoli Hwy (H-1) south.
  • Once you reach the Hawaii Kai Shopping Center, turn left on Lunalilo Home Rd
  • Turn right onto Anapalau St
  • Turn Left into Koko Head District Park
  • Park and proceed up behind the baseball field, towards Koko Head
  • You will see the stairs and enjoy your trek up!

Read our Kono’s Guide to Hiking Kokohead Stairs 

Dive with Breeze Hawaii Diving Adventures

Breeze Hawaii is located right behind Kono’s on Kapahulu ave. and Kaimuki, they are very friendly and helpful through the whole experience. 

Breeze Hawai regularly dives on all sides of the island. Hawaii diving is full of colorful reef fish and the ever popular Green Sea Turtles. 

They have daily dives, charters, lessons, and courses on diving. For no experience? They offer Scuba with snorkeling to the gorgeous Hanauma Bay

Where to Find it–

3014 Kaimuki Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816

Photo belongs to: Breeze Hawaii

Ride a Biki Bike

Lucky for you, there is a Biki stop right across from Kono’s on Kapahulu.

Biki is Honolulu’s new transportation system, brought to you by Bikeshare Hawaii. Launched in late June 2017. 

With over 1,000 bikes from Chinatown to all over Honolulu, there are so many options on where to break out of Waikiki and travel to local spots. Whenever you are over the beach, hop on a Biki and explore Honolulu. Be sure to grab a famous Kono’s bomber along the way.

Download the Biki APP

Friday Night Fireworks in Waikiki

Watch the Friday night fireworks!

If you are new to the island or traveling, every Friday night around 7:45-8pm the fireworks go off in Waikiki for about 10 minutes.

You will want to enjoy the free firework show so either plan an early dinner or pau hana afterward. (We of course, would recommend The Surfing Pig for some eats and signature cocktails).

Some top spots to enjoy the view:

The Beach

Royal Hawaiian

Tantalus Mountain

Wilhemina Rise

Explore Kaimuki

The Surfing Pig

The Surfing Pig is the new hotspot in Kaimuki! It is a full-service restaurant of Kono’s with an urban twist.

The Surfing Pig offers an elevated menu of Kono’sspecialized 12hr slow-roasted pork, with variations of new creations of slow-roasted meats, small plates, and savory entrees. The new restaurant serves hand-crafted cocktails at the full serviced bar. Happy hour is 4-5:30pm Monday-Friday.

The gastropub inspired restaurant will have quite the ambiance with their communal dining in the bar & tables up in their loft. You will often see the Chef walking around and talking story to the guests.

Where to Find it–

3605 Waialae Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816

See Full Menu

Find out more on what to do in Kaimuki

There’s something undeniably cool about Kaimuki, the dining Mecca of Oahu. People used to scramble around for parking and race around the streets just to try to get a seat at the hot-new eateries. With new emergents in the travel industry led to new restaurants popping up elsewhere.

Nonetheless, Kaimuki kept it’s cool. Kaimuki is filled with niche shops, funky boutiques and unique eateries.


Kakaako Street Art

Kakaako is a trendy, urban, art-packed district that is fastly growing. There is tons of urban shops, eateries and street art!

Explore Kakaako by foot or BIKI! You will want to stop at all the shops and grab bites along the way. Learn more about what’s new in Kakaako here.

Mark your calendars for February– “Centered around a week-long event in Hawaii, POW! WOW! has grown into a global network of artists and organizes gallery shows, lecture series, schools for art and music, mural projects, a large creative space named Lana Lane Studios, concerts, and live art installations across the globe. The central event takes place during Valentine’s Day week in February in the Kaka’ako district of Honolulu, and brings over a hundred international and local artist together to create murals and other forms of art”, from POW!WOW!

You can view POW!WOW! Events here for up to date street art schedules