Extra Aloha is one of many things you can add to your day here at Kono’s.  From our avocado to sour cream there are many ways to customize your favorite dish.  There is one specific way that is not meant for the faint of heart or taste buds. Are you brave enough to try our homemade hot sauces?  From Chipotle, Habanero, and the local favorite, Mango Pineapple. With these three choices, you are sure to get your heat on.

We asked around and our Kono’s Ohana highly recommends adding your favorite Hot Sauce to our breakfast bombers and tacos.  The Haleiwa, Chuns, and Wendy’s are all good choices to kick up the heat. Do not limit yourself or be afraid to get creative. So if you want a spicy Pork Plate or want to give the Triple Crown the 4th layer, spice it up!

tacos and bombers
Burrito and hot sauce

With 3 different takes on classic flavors, you will always have a way to spice up any bomber or sandwich when you visit us.  Can’t get enough of the heat? No problem! You can purchase all of our hot sauces right in-store or get them shipped to you online.


HEAT 4/10

This delicious mango sauce has a wonderful combination of sweet and heat with a touch of pineapple.  This sauce will enliven fish, bbq, chicken, and even margaritas!


HEAT 8/10

This is a smokey sauce with a bite behind it.  Pairing smoked jalapenos with cayenne and habanero chiles add incredible flavor to anything you put on a plate.


HEAT 10/10

Very tasty and very hot.  Fresh garlic awakens you while the slow burn of the red habanero creeps in.  Fantastic on everything consumable by man.