What Kono’s Does For Students & Faculty


For some people, their years in college were some of the best years of their life.  We asked around and they said the people they met and the places they went were what they will always remember.  Many revolved around places where they created the best memories with friends and food.

Since many memories are shared around food, we offer 15% off student and faculty discounts at all 3 Kono’s locations (Haleiwa, Kailua and Honolulu) year round as long as your ID is valid. 

Konos at UH
Konos at UH


Every student knows that studying can be a lot of work and very hard to stay focused.  Also, healthy eating is easily psuhed down to the end fo the priority list. Smart snacking during studying can actually keep your brain focused and increase the amount of information you retain. 

Brain food for studying includes (Source:Foods that help our brain study)

  • Protein — meat, fish, eggs, poultry, legumes, nuts and seeds, dried beans and lentils, dairy products and soy products.
  • Antioxidants — fruits and veggies, including berries, and pomegranate juice.
  • Omega-3 — oily fish, flax seeds and flax oil, and eggs, chicken and beef.
  • Dietary cholesterol — dairy and egg yolks.
  • Monounsaturated fats — avocados, nuts, olive oil, canola oil and peanut oil.
  • Caffeine (moderate amounts) — tea, coffee and dark chocolate.
  • Water.

Now while Kalua Pig may not be on the list, we do have some great healthy options! The better the fuel your brain for the test, the better you’ll study. It’s a…no-brainer.


Vanilla Mac Iced Coffee

This delicious medium roasted coffee is hand-roasted on the Northshore of Oahu. In moderation, coffee can keep you focused on your studies. Coffee is easily a college and teacher favorite. Who can live without it? Very few…

BBQ Pork Bomber with Avocado

Alright, this is the one to get when you really need some food in your system. Got the fuel form the protein and monounsaturated fats.

Breakfast Bombers (burritos) are even a better, great, healthy option with eggs, cheese, potatoes, and choice of meat or veggies. You can almost hit all the brain food credentials in one!


Add Avocado!

If you do not like avocado on everything, then might want to check yourself into the doctor because avocado is everything! AND very good for your brain and overall health. Add to any bomber, wrap, sandwich, bowl, plate, or even smoothie! 

Here are more ways to add avocado to your Kono’s meal


It is not all about the students, all faculty receives the same benefits. There is limited time for yourself while working at a school. Stop by Kono’s during lunch– give us a call ahead, and we will make sure your lunch is not the typical homemade sandwich or cafeteria food.

Happy Hour 3-6pm Every Day:

Our award-winning Pork Plate and Lemonade or Limeade combo-meals are $4 off!

Call your order in ahead of time!


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