The Kuliouou Ridge Hike

hike view

Where to find it

900 Kalaau Pl,
Honolulu, HI 96816

What to bring

Proper Shoes * it is often very muddy and slippery*
Lots of water
A snack! (You know Kono’s is the perfect one)

Difficulty Level

3-4hr hike, approx. 5 miles
The Kuliouou Ridge Trail starts at the end of Kalaau Road. 
From here you will start your summit by switchbacking through the forest. There are 2 trails back here, make sure you look for the sign that indicates the ridge hike it will be to your right and you will continue switchbacking up the mountain. Back in the forest, are a lot of tree roots so be careful and watch your footing. After about 20-30min you will find yourself walking up a pine forest of trees. At the top you will find a picnic table to stop and take a break at.
hike view

Keep following the trail as you ascend up the mountain. You will soon find the stairs. This is when it turns into a real workout and very muddy! Make sure you stop at the clearing to enjoy the view along the way, it is breathtakingly beautiful.

hike view

As you endure this real like stair master, those Kono’s bombers in your backpack are going to sound REAL good. Stay strong and keep making your way up to the summit where you can enjoy a rewarding meal & view!

hike view

Once you made it to the summit enjoy the stunning views. Make sure to hike on a clear and sunny day because if not, this view is blocked by clouds and rain from the altitude.

Here is where you can (finally) catch your breath, indulge in that Kono’s bomber, rehydrate and enjoy the stickin’ good views!