Photo belongs to Trails of Freedom LLC


Where to find it

4459 Pali Hwy, Honolulu, HI 96817

What to bring

Proper Shoes(they will get wet!)


Bathing Suit

Difficulty Level


1 Hour

Let’s Begin!

Photo belongs to Trails of Freedom LLC


Lulumahu falls is a favorite hikes here on Oahu!  Just head up the Pali Highway and pull off to the gravel road area where you will see many cars parked.  From here the path is easy to find. Head through the bamboo forest until you come up to a small hill with a beautiful view of Nu’uanu Valley and a water reservoir.  Follow the trail down past the construction area towards the mountains. You’ll walk past graffitied abandoned walls and eventually come across a square gated area. Behind the gates you’ll find the path to begin the hike!


The trail follows the path of the river created by the waterfall.  There are a few times when you have to cross the river via rocks so be careful not to slip (even though you probably will at least once). Even if it’s sunny on the day you go it could still be muddy from the rain from previous days so make sure the shoes you bring are ready for the adventure!

Once you reach the waterfall it’s time for pictures!  Be warned the water is COLD but refreshing on a hot day.  Here is when you can get that Instagram-worthy picture. Once you finish up with your photoshoot just head back the way you came to finish up with your hike.

Stop By Kono’s to Refuel!

We don’t know about you but waterfall hikes always make us hungry!  Luckily Kono’s is just about 15 minutes away in either direction, Kailua or Honolulu! Stop on by for a breakfast bomber (fully loaded of course) or maybe even for Happy Hour from 3-6 to get $4 off a combo pork plate paired with a freshly squeezed lemon or limeade.

Kono’s Kapahulu

945 Kapalulu Ave (Next to Leonards Bakery)

(808) 892-1088

Open Everyday
Hours: 7:00am – 6:30pm

Kono’s Kailua

131 Hekili St. STE 102

(808) 261-1144

Open Everyday
Hours: 7:00am – 8pm

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