Biki to Kono’s

biki bike

Break out of Waikiki and go a little green while enjoying the sun and the breeze. Try out the bikeshare program, Biki Bikes! 

The easiest one is just to pay $3.50 for a single ride around town.  This might be best if you are just visiting Honolulu and need a quick ride. Plus, it is probably cheaper than a Taxi or Uber, which can get expensive when the Oahu traffic is high. 

Pro tip: Download the Biki app, it makes it SO easy to pay, find stops, and where to travel to.

The stop you need to know to Biki to Kono’s, is #507

konos and biki

Biking from Waikiki?

We got some suggestions for you!

The East Side of Waikiki:

Biki Stop #500- Visit the Honolulu Zoo or walk down to the Waikiki Aquarium. You can also ride around Kapiolani park for a nice leisurely ride outside of the concrete jungle of Waikiki.

Biki Stop #507- Stop at the famous Lenoards Bakery to get a malasada & visit us at Kono’s, right next door! You are going to want a refreshing fresh-squeezed lemonade or hand-crafted milkshake after your ride up. See more of the award-winning menu

The West Side of Waikiki:

Get your Biki from your nearest stop & ride along the Ala Wai

Biki Stop #310- Takes you close to the Royal Hawaiian Village. Can do some shopping, eating and enjoy some water sports in the lagoon.

Biki Stop #244-  Ride further outside of Waikiki to Ala Moana Mall, the largest outside mall.

Biki Stop #204,207, or 215- if you want to get real adventurous, bike to Kaka’ako! See the urban, artistic side of Oahu. This is the place where you will find all the street art, local shops, and trendy warehouse breweries. It is something to visit.

If you live here and want to use Biki more in your everyday life, there is a $15 a month plan where you get unlimited 30 min rides whenever you want!  This can be the perfect membership for a quick ride to and from work or even grabbing lunch on your break Waikiki or Downtown. The next membership is for those serious Biki riders. This one costs $25 a month you get unlimited 60 min rides.  This can be very helpful if you travel farther for work and also enjoy riding around town leisurely. 


Biki and Bombers

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