We Love The Avo


Who else believes avocados are one of the best foods in the world? Here’s a couple of our favorite reasons why avocados are the best food in the entire world:

  1. They taste like heaven
  2. Avocados are full of incredibly healthy mono-unsaturated fat that is good for your heart
  3. Full of fiber
  4. Helps regulate blood pressure
  5. Helps body absorb other nutrients from food
  6. You feel boujee when saying, “I know it’s extra, add it on”

Add That $1.60 Extra to What Matters

Here’s What to Add it On-


Chuns Bomber- 8.99

The most common way to add avocado is to a breakfast bomber. The Chuns is a packed burrito with eggs, cheese, potatoes, kalua pig, and bacon. Adding that avocado in there really seals the deal on making the most delicious breakfast bomber!

old school

Old School Sandwich- 9.95

12 hour pulled pork, guava bbq sauce, grilled onions, and slaw. Avocado adds that extra creamy texture and lightens up the meaty sandwich. It is a great combination that not many people think of.

Pig on grass plate

Pork Plate- 11.25

12 hour pulled pork, white rice, mesclun salad, homemade guava bbq sauce, and homemade papaya seed dressing. Avocado add more to the plate mix and feels a bit healthier.

If you really want the deals…

Stop in during Happy Hour 3-6pm every day. You get a pork plate and lemonade or limeade $4 off! Adding that avocado doesn’t break the bank at that point either.

Click here to check out the rest of the menu to see what else you want to add avocado to!

Get Rewarded, Get Free Avocado

You read that right. Sign up for our Fivestars Rewards, and add on those points every visit to redeem free items. After only 3 points, you have the option to add on sour cream, jalapenos, or avocado. You eventually can save the points up for a free bomber! (it is easier than you think!)

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